Details, details, dozens of details

Working with former Perry Ellis and Hugo Boss designer to ensure that pockets fit and look just right. 

Working with former Perry Ellis and Hugo Boss designer to ensure that pockets fit and look just right. 

We're making great progress in the prototyping process so have turned our attention to the details of fit and styling that we need to perfect to have a product that will fully satisfy us (and hopefully knock your socks off, in a good way). 

Luckily we've had the good fortune to work with several talented and experienced menswear designers who have been invaluable in helping us tweak aspects of fit and styling that we wouldn't have even noticed earlier in the process. 

'20s, meet 20s: Introducing the greatest overall(s) blog

In 1921, a local Indiana newspaper printed an adage that was later attributed to Thomas Edison:

"Most people do not recognize opportunity when they meet it because it goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work."

The earliest stages of an overalls laboratory

The earliest stages of an overalls laboratory

Well, we’re here to work hard, wear overalls and see if we can create a pair fit for twentysomethings (and anyone else) in the 21st century.

We’ll use this blog to share our progress in design and production, as well as inspiration we pick up along the way. We’d love to have you join us for the ride, and always welcome your thoughts, feedback or feelings.

-Matt & Ben

Guys - This Business Idea is Big, Really Big

Great Session Today with Steve -

This may be one of those days that goes down in the history books, boys.

As you all know, we've been having weekly sessions with Steve Jobs (we call him Steve - yep, we're close) for the last several months now, trying to identify the perfect startup.

Well tonight, the team was up late in Ben & Matt's apartment, and Steve really pushed us, and we think we might have finally hit it. We went through about 10 iterations of a 20-tab excel model, built at least 200 slides worth of a solid PowerPoint deck, took a break to write poems together, and kept ourselves on pace with 2 Five-Hour Energies every hour. And hell, was it productive.

We started out with thinking: what do people spend money on? And we worked our way down to: What do people buy a lot of, over and over again during the course of their life? And then we basically went exhaustively through all of the options, and decided "yes" or "no" on whether we should enter that market based on a robust set of criteria that Steve developed for us.

Anyway, too tired to write more now, but here's a pic of the whiteboard from the end of the day:

Think we hit on something pretty big...