Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas came through New York and I went down to "Absolutely Yours" on Myrtle Ave with a twenty-dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket and bought a brand new blue plastic sled.  Yes, apparently sleds cost twenty dollars now.  

Feeling very much like Ernest Shackleton must have felt in the early days of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition -- with our wool sweaters and our steely resolve to leave no hill un-sled -- we ventured through the snow covered streets and made our way towards Fort Greene Park.   There we joined the neighborhood's other great little explorers -- with their snow suits and their leaking noses and their unqualified enthusiasm for the weather -- and found the best way to drop off the 6 foot perimeter ledge into a snowbank.

After a thoroughly exhausting afternoon, I called my friend Andres Sebastian (@andxseb) and we decided to run it back the next day (this time with a camera!)  Many thanks to Sebastian and his friends Kieri (@kieri.elena) and Carolina (@artbymcw) for helping design the shoot.  

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