Why overalls instead of just another pair of pants? Haven’t overalls been around since the 18th century? Why bring them back now?

Let me tell you, tiger. We’re about freedom.

The freedom to roll out of bed in the morning and look amazing in any situation.

We’re about the freedom to wear a pair of pants with a shirt attached, so that you don’t have to choose a damn shirt in the morning.

Freedom to walk to your car this morning like you’re strolling up to your private jet.

Freedom to officiate your best friend’s wedding tonight at the bar when he meets that amazing guy or girl and needs to marry them on the spot, because you’re at least as qualified to officiate a union as the State of Whatever.

Freedom to let your wingman go as crazy as he wants tonight, because your overalls are your backup wingman.

Freedom to not turn your stereo down when you pull up next to a nice old lady at a stop light. Because she gets it.

Freedom to look like such a bo$$ that your boss starts asking you for a raise.

Really we're about the freedom to do anything, and be dressed for the occasion.


Welcome to the cutting edge of fashion, and the continuation of an American legacy.




Overalls haven't kept up with the age of Twitta-pinter-grams, hoverboards and spacesuits. Until now.
The Rousers Original was just the beginning of the Pants-olution.

Here’s what’s next:

Help us invent the future

We’re excited to announce that we’re beginning a collaboration to produce a special-edition Rousers line this fall with Betabrand -- a San Francisco based clothing company! Our next product could be anything from colored-chino to corduroy to flannel-lined and we would love to have you, our community, tell us what you want!


We’ve set up a page on Betabrand’s “Think Tank” so that you can help us invent the future. Head over there to tell us your ideas, fabric fantasies or just show some support for the next Rousers project.