Press Release: We hit our $25K Kickstarter goal!

Local Startup Raises $25,000 to Sell Stylish Modern Overalls

Boston, MA; December 10th, 2014 – In three short weeks, a new New York / Boston startup selling stylish modern overalls has raised its first $25,000 in the form of pre-orders on Kickstarter, successfully reaching the campaign goal.

The Rousers Guys (left to right): Aidan, Matt, and Ben

The Rousers Guys (left to right): Aidan, Matt, and Ben

The Rousers concept was born in early 2014, inspired by the simple desire of the three founders—Matt Jorgensen, Ben Waller and Aidan Nelson—to own a pair of slim-cut overalls. Realizing that men’s overalls hadn’t gotten an update in decades, the guys began experimenting with sketches and rudimentary patterns over the course of the next year. Matt left his job in August 2014 to pursue the venture full-time. Reaching their Kickstarter goal means that the guys will be able to do their first production run in January/February 2015. Rousers will be produced in the USA.

Rousers were born from a recognition that overalls bring a lot to the table for the modern man, in terms of both function and style. “While we love a good, hardworking pair of overalls as much as anyone, there are many occasions where overalls simply don’t fit. We want to change that,” said Jorgensen, who’s leading the charge on launching the brand. Instead of the utilitarian construction of classic overalls, Rousers are made of cotton twill fabric and cut slim like your favorite pair of chinos. They were designed with careful attention to detail, from herringbone pocket linings to tortoiseshell buttons.

The Kickstarter campaign was designed as a market test for the nascent company – to both gauge whether there was sufficient demand for their product, as well as to generate enough working capital to be able to offer a greater variety of colors, fabrics and fits through their website. While reaching the Kickstarter target is great news, the most exciting news for the group is that there is substantial demand for fashionable overalls. Rousers orders have come from over a dozen countries ranging from Australia and South Korea to Egypt and Germany. “The people have spoken,” said Jorgensen, “overalls not only feel great, but they can also look pretty darn good.”

The $25,000 in orders represents almost 300 orders for Rousers’ overalls, and with still a full week left in their Kickstarter campaign, it looks like the company will far exceed that goal. Rousers will retail for $145, but the Kickstarter pre-sale price is $99.

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'20s, meet 20s: Introducing the greatest overall(s) blog

In 1921, a local Indiana newspaper printed an adage that was later attributed to Thomas Edison:

"Most people do not recognize opportunity when they meet it because it goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work."

The earliest stages of an overalls laboratory

The earliest stages of an overalls laboratory

Well, we’re here to work hard, wear overalls and see if we can create a pair fit for twentysomethings (and anyone else) in the 21st century.

We’ll use this blog to share our progress in design and production, as well as inspiration we pick up along the way. We’d love to have you join us for the ride, and always welcome your thoughts, feedback or feelings.

-Matt & Ben