McIntire @ Marshall's Beach: Rouser-shoot

For most of us, the iPhone has replaced the need for a standalone point and shoot camera. And quantity has (largely) overtaken quality when it comes to our photostreams and instagrams and snapchats. Even Rousers photoshoots are often a game of lets-take-1000-photos-and-see-what-sticks. 

But some people, like our friend Sam McIntire, pursue digital photography as both an art and a technical craft. Hearing Sam talk about light hitting water, or the technical details of shooting in RAW, is like hearing us talk about... well nothing (except maybe overalls). Sam was good enough to accompany us (co-founders Matt and Aidan) down to Marshall's Beach in San Francisco this week to take some fresh shots of the Rousers Original. 



Sam McIntire is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and photographer. Check out one of his recent photo-essays here from the Nepalese Himalayas.